the World of the Pirate Consort Book 1 Chapter 13

Seriously, please, no more fighting scene. I’m really bad at that.

Here is the link to chapter 13.

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the World of the Pirate Consort Book 1 Chapter 12

Honestly, over the past few months I lost my interest in translating this novel. Mainly because I found out from a review of this novel that this novel was a plagiarism by the author. I don’t know and couldn’t find from which novels she did the plagiarism though (please share if any of you did find out).

After some thought, I will still continue to translate it, but in case, I should inform you first hand.

Also I slightly change my post format, due to aggregator websites.

Here is chapter 12.

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Where was I?


Sorry for the lack of release in the past 3 months. It’s been a hectic time for me, my laptop had broken down 3 times (╥_╥), I lost many of my files because of it, and last months, I was swamped with many exams and assignments.

I was going to release the chapter this week, but I suddenly had a family emergency. And by the way, I am taking over “Vicious Woman” again, and I’ll be releasing chapter 4 next week. Pirate Consort chapter 12 will also be released on the same day.

About Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads…

Since there has been several comments asking me about Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads, I thought I’ll use this post to make it clear…


Where is chapter 2?
As for now, chapter 2 hasn’t been translated.


What will happened to this novel?
Panda Girl was supposed to take over this project, however there hasn’t been any news from her. Last time I heard, Adnana, the one who supposed to help her with the translation, also has lost contact with her.
As for me, I only contacted Panda Girl through NUF, and she hasn’t log in to the forum since May last year, I lost the only way to contact her.
Therefore, as for now, this novel is free for anyone to take over.


Will I take over this novel again?
I doubt it.
The only chapter I have translated was with help of Adnana, and I could say that she was the one that did the harder work, rechecking my translation over and over again with my awful translation attempt, grammar and word arrangements. So, unless I get another help to edit or proofread for me, I won’t do the next chapter.