the World of the Pirate Consort Book 1 Chapter 4

Sorry again for the delay m(。≧Д≦。)m, it’s been a month full of exams… or perhaps it’s just my excuses, when actually I really didn’t want to translate this chapter (╬ಠ益ಠ).

On the side note, if any of you ever wondered why I translated huangzi (皇子) as imperial son instead of prince, it’s so that I don’t confused it with the title wang (王). Basically, all the son of the Emperor are huangzi (imperial son), but not all of them are wang (prince). They must be conferred by the Emperor first to be a wang.

This chapter will be the death of me, with all the ancient idioms and classic poem o(╥﹏╥)o.

Well then, happy reading!!

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the World of the Pirate Consort Book 1 Chapter 2

Based on the almost tied poll‘s result, I’ll be translating the cardinal direction in each countries’ name.

On the side note, some of you who visited the ToC may have notice that I’ve changed my raw source. The reason for this is because this one have more contents than the previous one. However this one had many mistype and doesn’t have a complete version. So I might switch to the previous one halfway.

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the World of the Pirate Consort Book 1 Chapter 1

Happy White Day!

The first poll had been closed, and based on the results, I’m back with my original format. I’ve also made another poll to decided how to name the countries…

And again, this chapter was not edited, the grammar might be messy, if you had any correction/suggestion, please leave it at the comment section below 🙂

And so, let the prelude of the insufferable half of the story begin! Please take a deep breath and prepare your anti-hypertensive drug before reading this…

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New Poll

I had closed the earlier poll at 12 March, Sunday, around 5 p.m. (GMT +7).

With the end result of 22/30 votes want the notes to be directly below each of paragraph, and 8/30 want the footnotes format (incl. the 3 who want the pictures to be on the footnotes too), I’m back with my original format. (I also had changed the format of the prologue of WPC.)

Meanwhile, I got a new poll about how I should use the chinese terms…

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Schedules & Polls

Due to error from my internet provider that causes my internet access to be limited, I’ll be releasing a chapter every other Tuesday at 7 a.m. (GMT +7) temporary.

On the other hand, I make a polls to decide whether I’ll put my explanation notes below the paragraph (like the one I use in Concealed by Brocaded Cloud, Frost on the Roads) or move it all to footnotes (like the one I use in the prologue of the World of the Pirate Consort). Continue reading

the World of the Pirate Consort Prologue

I’m coming back with the new project! It’s unedited so I apologise for the messy english…

The ML of this series was very irritating for half of the story, so bear with me as I translated it. Fortunately he redeemed himself for the later half of the story (he was practically suffering for what he did to MC, the grovelling that he did to the MC was very satisfying). Also, unlike another novels, the MC didn’t forgive him easily, spoiler*spoiler*spoiler*they only made up and got back together again in the epilogue*spoiler*spoiler*spoiler. (highlight the empty gap in between to read the spoiler)

Initially, I wanted to release this last week, but I kept getting distracted by the new c-drama “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”.

P.s. please do the poll as well to decide the format of my notes.

Anyway, without further ado, this is the prologue of the World of the Pirate Consort….

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